The Nordic Quest is not longer available for charter.
If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a really fine Nordic Tug 42, contact Greg Mustari at +1 360-507-9999, Greg@JMYS.com, or Libby Kelly at +1 425-359-7078, Kelly@JMYS.com, with Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales (JMYS). There is also a walk-through video at: http://nordictug42forsale.com. There are some fine upgrades and refitting to this boat.

As the owner of the Nordic Quest, a 42-foot Nordic Tug that was launched in April 2011, and this website is used to share information about interesting places I have visited throughout Southeast Alaska, some of the history of its places, what can be seen at different times of the year, great places to fish, or just plain explore like I have done for over twenty five years. The site will have information for boaters – good anchorages and poor, places that will really make your trip special. This site also has a great photo gallery and numerous videos to enjoy.

SE Alaska is a unique area of the United States and much of it is only accessible by boat. So enjoy the features of this site and come back often as there will always be something new in our blogs and special features to share with our readers whether they are planning their first trip or another trip with their own vessel.

Nordic Quest

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