Fifer Cove

Laredo Inlet is a beautiful place to explore. It is a bit off the usual north-south cruising route, accessed by the scenic Meyers Passage. Wildlife viewing, fishing, and great scenery, the area offers enough for a few days of exploration.

If one is to spend a few days, then a couple good anchorages are needed, and there are a few to choose from… Bay of Plenty, Fifer Cove and Alston Cove are all good choices.

The entrance is graced with a pretty set of islands, a few more than shown on the chart. A large stream enters the cove at the southeastern corner. An excellent place to explore by kayak or go up the stream looking for bears.

Entry is accomplished along the southern shore, proceeding to the rear of the cove where you can anchor at your preferred depth, anything from 100′ and shallower. There is plenty of room for several vessels.

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