Recipe – Halibut Mock Lobster

One of our favorite recipes for Alaskan halibut is very simple to prepare. We have served this for friends at home or while riding at anchor in some remote cove, resulting in a good dinner every time. It’s fun to prepare and the results can surprise many a seafood lover.


1 quart water
2 Tbl. vinegar
2 Tbl. sugar
1 Tbl. salt
1 fillet of halibut

Cut the halibut into small chunks approximately 1″ x 1″ x 2″. Bring the water, vinegar, sugar and salt to a boil. Using a slotted spoon or similar utensil drop the chunks of fish into the boiling mixture and cook for a few minutes. Cook only two or three portions at a time. The goal is to cook the fish through, but not overcook. If the fish begins to flake apart it is done.

Serve immediately with melted butter for dipping.

The recipe works with most mild, white fish, but it is great with Alaskan halibut.

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