Appleton Cove

Appleton cove is not the most exciting or scenic place but it does have one major recommendation… It provides an excellent anchorage along the eastern end of Peril Strait.

There are few convenient anchorages along the wide northeastern end of Peril. Appleton is probably the best option, a good anchorage that does not require driving to the back of an inlet well off your course. Rodman Bay is a good anchorage, while a bit out of the way. Saook Bay has steep sides, we find Hanus Bay not well sheltered and quite shallow.

Appleton cove provides good holding in 6 to 8 fathoms over gravel and mud. We advise properly setting your anchor before setting in to sleep. There is ample swinging room for a dozen vessels, space never seems to be an issue here. The cove is sheltered from swell in all directions, but can be somewhat exposed to winds.

The entrance is simple, while rather narrow and shallow, the four fathom marks on the chart are a bit pessimistic. With a good GPS and chart fix entry is easy. We generally anchor in the central bight among the 6-7-8 fathom soundings on the chart. For more shelter you can use the western and eastern bights. Coming in late after a long cruise is not an issue, entering the cove in the half light of a late June evening with no worries.

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An electrical engineer living and working on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. Webmaster for the website. Sometimes the first mate/deckhand/launch driver/anchor detail/cook/dishwasher and mechanic aboard the Nordic Quest.
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