Samsing Cove

I much prefer anchoring in a cove over spending a night in port, even if that cove is just across a channel or bay. No moorage fees for the night, no streetlights right overhead, no generators running in the next slip, there are many reasons to anchor out. Just across Eastern Channel from Sitka are two decent choices, Sandy Cove and Samsing Cove.

Our first visit to Samsing Cove was a bit of an adventure. We chose the cove to overnight while awaiting good weather to fish in Sitka Sound. And the weather would be bad indeed, a small craft advisory and a gale warning were in effect for the night. We needed a snug anchorage.

We arrived to find the cove nearly empty, a small boat was moored at the Forest service cabin, otherwise it was empty. I suspected this was not to continue. I remarked to my Father that the trollers we had been dodging all day would soon be looking for an anchorage themselves.

Sure enough, as the light faded the trollers piled in. The cove was soon wall-to-wall boats with minimal swing room. The gale promised in the weather forecast also materialized and soon the wind was ripping at the treetops. Despite the wind we had no trouble riding out the gale at anchor in Samsing Cove. The Quest shuddered in the gusts and the antennas rattled, but the anchor held nicely through the night. This little cove proved to be as well sheltered as we had hoped.

The cove offers no navigational difficulty to enter and good anchorage. Tall spruce surround this small cove offering good protection from winds in all directions. We simply dropped the hook in the center, looking for deep mud and gravel to set the anchor in, finding excellent holding.

When looking for a cove to spend the night near Sitka there are two choices just across Eastern Channel, Samsing and Sandy Coves. Take your pick, the two are only a mile and a half apart.

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An electrical engineer living and working on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. Webmaster for the website. Sometimes the first mate/deckhand/launch driver/anchor detail/cook/dishwasher and mechanic aboard the Nordic Quest.
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