Getting boarded and inspected does not happen often, but it does happen.  We were anchored and bottom fishing near Tenakee when we noted an official looking vessel.

Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Trooper looking to board the Nordic Quest

Wait? Is it headed headed straight at us?


 As it neared we could read State Trooper on the side.  Yep…  We were going to be boarded and inspected.   It was a beautiful day with smooth water, no problem as the officer stepped off his bow onto our swim deck.

Unlike the Coast Guard the Alaska State Troopers are not as concerned with vessel safety, rather their focus is the enforcement of state game and fish regulations.  The first thing the officer asked for was to see everyone’s fishing license.  As everyone had a valid license this was no worry.  He also inspected our fish cooler, noting the two halibut we already had on board.  Actually we were a bit embarresed, they were rather small, not an impressive catch to show off.

It was a pleasant day and a pleasant experience, actually rather fun, another story from the trip.  We had little to worry about as we follow the rules, fishing regs exist to preserve the resource. A Coast Guard safety inspection is more thorough, but likewise no issue.  Safety is not just something to do so you look good during an inspection, you do it to insure you and your vessel are prepared when things go wrong.  We know things can go wrong in these waters.

About Andrew Cooper

An electrical engineer living and working on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. Webmaster for the website. Sometimes the first mate/deckhand/launch driver/anchor detail/cook/dishwasher and mechanic aboard the Nordic Quest.
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