Magoun North Cove

Magoun North Cove does not appear to be named on the charts, it is just our name for the cove you will find at 57° 10.3632’N by 135° 34.3232’W on the north end of the Magoun islands. The cove offers excellent shelter except from due north and good anchoring in 6-8 fathoms with enough swing room for small to medium sized cruisers. Anything much larger than our 42′ Nordic might want to consider another anchorage. Larger vessels can use the outer cove just to the north of the narrow inner cove in the basin among the rocks for a temporary anchorage.

Magoun Panorama

A panorama of the northern side of Magoun Island

The cove offers good access to the central lagoon of the Magoun Islands State Marine Park. A short paddle though a narrow pass allows you to explore a large lagoon perfect for kayaks or skiffs. A quarter mile across this protected water is home to rich marine life as well as eagles, loons, and otters. Side coves offer opportunities to explore and plenty of scenery. Look down as you enter the pass, the channel is lined with enormous sea anemones taking advantage of the swift tidal currents.

There is a similar cove on the south side of Magoun Island, but it appears more exposed and has a much narrower entrance. I can offer no guidance on it. While not named the north cove is known, as we were pulling out one of the small cruise ships was pulling into the outer part of the cove to allow passengers to kayak the Magoun lagoon.

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