The List

As usual I did the shopping this year. Two pages of items meant to feed five to seven people for a week or two. It will usually end up being two shopping carts and several hundred dollars worth of food.

The Shopping List

The shopping list is covered with check-marks as the cart fills with groceries

Shopping has become a much easier exercise over the years as we have refined the shopping list based on experience. Making note of left-over supplies and what meals were popular we have eliminated many things on earlier versions of the list.

The plan provides for several different main meals plus breakfasts and snacks. The plan also depends on catching enough fish to build a few meals around, we have never failed to do this in southeast Alaska.

We never get the groceries quite right. Each crew ends up consuming different quantities of various items, We might run out of milk or eggs, but have plenty of bread on one trip, the opposite on the next. A chance to get a few items at a grocery store in Tenakee or Hoonah mid-trip can be useful. If not we just do without, it is a bit more dire if we run out of beer.

Then of course there are the inevitable questions… “Why do we have this and not that?” My answer… “It was not on the list!”

Not that I work strictly from the list, I do take reasonable special requests to handle special needs or simply personal tastes. This might be a lactose free milk for a lactose intolerant relative, or particular type of tea. Get your request in before the shopping is done and the boat leaves the dock.

About Andrew Cooper

An electrical engineer living and working on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. Webmaster for the website. Sometimes the first mate/deckhand/launch driver/anchor detail/cook/dishwasher and mechanic aboard the Nordic Quest.
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