Bareboat Chartering in SE Alaska

The Nordic Quest has only three available charter periods remaining for the 2012 season. Two prime times available – July 5-15 (11 days) and August 10-23 (14 days). There are also discounted charter days available in May. The second week in July can be the best weather of the year. Mid August is great for coho salmon and halibut fishing. To check the latest availability, click on Nordic Tug Charters under Blogroll on the right side of this page.

Cruising in SE Alaska is truly a special experience and one that every boater should do at least once. The summer days in Alaska are long.  There are innumerable little bays and harbors for secure anchorages or mooring. And the scenery and chances to see and photograph wildlife are incredible.  Whether you own your own boat or are a previous owner, bareboat chartering a 37, 42 or 54-foot trawler already homeported in Alaska should be given consideration for several reasons:

  • Unless you have several months to make the trip, transiting your boat to Alaska from the Puget Sound is a minimum of a 12-day trip or 24 days round trip even in the best of weather and with long days at the wheel. At today’s price of fuel just getting there and back can cost $3,500 to $4,000.
  • When chartering, all of the maintenance of your boat is taken care of.
  • Chartering in Alaska means you will have a boat that is already inspected and specially equipped with local charts and other equipment necessary for safe boating.
  • Your
  • Chartering companies that have been in business for many years in Alaska can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on local conditions and places you will not want to miss. They can help you plan and execute your itinerary.
  • A good chartering company will already have a basic provisioning package available for you and refueling, galley provisions and fishing supplies are easily obtainable.
  • Alaska bareboat charters are often set up for comfortably accommodating four to six people.
  • And best of all, you are able to plan your own itinerary, do things on your own schedule and enjoy Alaska as you never would on one of the monster cruise ships.
Anchored at Ford'sTerror

The Nordic Star anchored at Ford's Terror, photo by Andrew Cooper

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Alaska resident at the time of statehood and returns annually; professional civil engineer and for 35 years owner of an engineering company; skipper of the Nordic Quest; author, avid fisherman and world traveler. Lives with his wife and their water-loving standard schnauzer in Portland, Oregon.
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